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The advantages - some examples

Become an ISIC Advantage Partner

If you are a restaurant, boutique, sports club, tour operator, food outlet, cultural site, service provider or any other (e-) merchant, you can join the benefits program of the 'ISIC in a few simple steps .

Our goal is to give ISIC members access to the best offers, close to their home country or when traveling internationally.




Choose now to be an advantage partner, and thus:


  • increase awareness of your brand / institution among local students and the 5+ million ISIC members worldwide

  • strengthen your image by partnering with a global brand and prestigious partners

  • demonstrate your commitment and affinity with the target students

  • create traffic on your site / in your establishments

  • generate additional sales

  • retain customers with high purchasing power in the future


How to:

1.Determine the benefit you want to offer (% reduction, upgrade, temporary free).

2.Provide us the details (name & logo, description, photo)

3.and we take care of the rest: visibility on:

- global ISIC site
- local ISIC site
- Global ISIC app
- newsletters & social networks

Contact us

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